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CD-ROM Myriad CD-ROM  Free, Windows/Macintosh
The most recent versions of all our programs are available on this CD-ROM. Of course, only the software itself is included, license numbers have to be purchased separately...

Galerie Galerie  Free, Mac OS X
Generates media gallery web pages from iPhoto, GraphicConverter, iView MediaPro, Extensis Portfolio 7 or from any set of pictures and/or QuickTime media files...

Galerie Plug-in Quicklook  Free, Mac OS X
Enable you to preview music documents in miscellaneous formats without having to open them with dedicated program.

Galerie Awale  Freeware, Windows/Macintosh
One of the most ancient games still played. This fascinating African game has been very attractively  adapted on computer.

Galerie Sapiens  Freeware, Windows/Macintosh
adventure-arcade game that brings you back 100 000 years ago for discovering the everyday life of the Homo Sapiens Neandertalensis.

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